Chocolate Boxes for Business


Since the lockdown in March 2020 many people have been working from home.  This is likely to lead to a seismic shift in working patterns and is unlikely to change for the forseeable future.

Motivating teams, individuals working at home and rewarding them for their efforts is a new challenge.

A small reward can often mean so much.

Our personalised boxes offer very personal way to encourage and support staff.


Our basic design service includes:

Add a logo

Add a name

Adding a name really makes the gift feel totally personal

Add a motivational message

Everybody appreciates a 'thank you' a 'well done'

and when you are working remotely it is even

more valuable

Finally you can a gift card in the box
Although chocolate is the most popular option we can offer sweets, biscuits and a range of healthier snacks as well as other dietary needs such as vegan etc.
Contact us now to organise your snack or chocolate box
Delivery costs from £2.99 per delivery point.  Courier delivery available. Proud suppliers to: