Coachella Style Festival Signs





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Coachella style signs perfect to create right atmosphere for your event.

You can personalise each sign as you wish (bear in mind the more text you add the smaller it will be so keep it short!). For instance, 'Toilets', 'Karaoke Stage', 'Tequila Bar', 'Garden', etc.

Made from 1250 micron recyclable display board and supplied with the string and holes so you can hang it anywhere.  Can be pinned or you can use blu-tak.  It is shower-proof but not waterproof.  Each arrow is 480mm wide x 148mm high.  Because of the way that the production is done you need to order in two's.

All components are totally recyclable.

When specifying the personalisation details please ensure you tell us which way you want the arrow to point.  So for instance "'Toilets' - pointing right"

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Quantity: 4 Arrows