Halloween Sweetie Box





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A perfect Halloween gift when you cant get out Trick or Treating.  A sweetie box personalised and delivered through the letterbox sending love to your loved ones.

The lid is personalised with the persons name.

Add a gift message which will be inserted into the box to let them know who it is from!

The content:

1 x Fizz Wiz Strawberry Popping Candy
1 x Smarties Minis (15g)
1 x Skittles (16g)
1 x Tango Sherbert Shockers Cherry Sour Fizz Chew Bar (11g)
1 x Starburst Minis (45g)
1 x Milky Way Bar 
1 x Love Heart Tube (39g)
1 x Vimto Millions (15g)
1 x Jelly Tots (28g)

Please ensure you provide name details and choose the version you require.

Content may vary according to availability but the value will always be the same.

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